Boost Your Leads: Effortlessly Integrate GoHighLevel Forms into WordPress

Increase Your Leads 🚀 Easy Integration of GoHighLevel Forms on WordPress
boost your leads: effortlessly integrate gohighlevel forms into wordpress

Mastering Form Embedding on WordPress with GoHighLevel

Struggling with lead collection for your marketing strategies? We got your back! 🚀 In this article, we dive into the world of embedding GoHighLevel forms on your WordPress site. Discover how to create a dynamic form, customize it according to your needs, and integrate it seamlessly into your website—all without requiring any coding skills!

Create and Customize Your GoHighLevel Forms

In order to start embedding forms in WordPress, you’ll first need a GoHighLevel account and a form created within their dashboard.

  1. Navigate to the desired campaign where you’d like the new form to reside.
  2. Click “Funnels & Websites”.
  3. Select “Forms”, followed by hitting “+ New registration.”
  4. Name and provide details for this form before clicking “Save Changes.”
  5. Note: You can change trigger options here as well!

[00:59 - Demo on adding a new form in GoHighLevel dashboard.]

Add The Form To Your WordPress Dashboard For A Customized Look And Feel

    < - Guide users through customizing styles.
    – Offer advice on designing elements such as backgrounds.[05:09 –
    Tips on]).

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