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Boost Your Leads: Effortlessly Integrate GoHighLevel Forms into WordPress

Increase Your Leads πŸš€ Easy Integration of GoHighLevel Forms on WordPress
boost your leads: effortlessly integrate gohighlevel forms into wordpress

Mastering Form Embedding on WordPress with GoHighLevel

Struggling with lead collection for your marketing strategies? We got your back! πŸš€ In this article, we dive into the world of embedding GoHighLevel forms on your WordPress site. Discover how to create a dynamic form, customize it according to your needs, and integrate it seamlessly into your websiteβ€”all without requiring any coding skills!

Create and Customize Your GoHighLevel Forms

In order to start embedding forms in WordPress, you’ll first need a GoHighLevel account and a form created within their dashboard.

  1. Navigate to the desired campaign where you’d like the new form to reside.
  2. Click “Funnels & Websites”.
  3. Select “Forms”, followed by hitting “+ New registration.”
  4. Name and provide details for this form before clicking “Save Changes.”
  5. Note: You can change trigger options here as well!

[00:59 - Demo on adding a new form in GoHighLevel dashboard.]

Add The Form To Your WordPress Dashboard For A Customized Look And Feel

    < - Guide users through customizing styles.
    – Offer advice on designing elements such as backgrounds.[05:09 –
    Tips on]).

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