Dashly – Engage leads with multi-channel marketing

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dashly engage leads with multi channel marketing

Dashly is a conversational marketing platform that helps you engage leads using chatbots, pop-ups, and email outreach.

With Dashly, you can nurture leads and boost conversions using chatbots, email outreach, and pop-ups.

These chatbots can do just about anything—from offering free consultations to boosting opt-ins and answering customer questions 24/7.

Make your own chatbot using their templates, which include scripted responses, input fields, conditional logic, and automated actions.

Use templates to create chatbots that can respond to customers 24/7, boost opt-ins, and more.

You can create pop-ups to build your mailing list, offer discounts, and launch marketing promos.

Dashly makes it easy to customize the images and text, set up conditional triggers, and define your audience.

Run targeted pop-ups that only show up under certain conditions, like when you want to collect new email addresses.

Plus, you’ll be able to monitor performance metrics and launch A/B tests to learn what works for your target market.

Pop-up builder

Create a pop-up from scratch or start with one of Dashly’s customizable templates.

Want to warm up your leads? Dashly lets you engage leads and customers with automated email outreach.

You can trigger segmented email flows to nudge those prospects who are close to taking action on your site.

Analyze how customers respond to emails and behave on your website using reports packed with unique insights.

Email outreach

Create an automated email sequence to nudge prospects into taking action.

With multi-channel live chat, your support team can manage customer conversations from any platform in just one inbox.

Conversations are organized based on the source, so you know exactly where people are coming from.

Best of all, you can store new leads in the Leads Database. That includes every tag, conversation, and interaction.

And because Dashly integrates with tools like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Calendly, and Zapier, it’ll play nice with your current marketing system!

Multichannel live chat

Manage every chat, email, messenger, and social media conversation in one inbox.

We all know that a memorable interaction with a brand can cement your loyalty for life. (“You can pry my Blockbuster keychain from my cold, dead fingers.”)

That’s why Dashly’s chatbots, pop-ups, and email outreach let you stay connected with prospects across every channel in your marketing strategy.

Convert more leads.

Get lifetime access to Dashly today!

Start pop-ups on pages of your website. Dashly’s visual editor lets you create fullscreen, slider, and embedded pop-up forms with email and social media integrations. Collect leads, promote discounts or giveaways and set rules on when the pop-ups should appear so they never disrupt the user experience.

Send outreach emails in bulk, customize them for each recipient by adding their name or company logo. You can also link to dynamic content such as product recommendations based on past browsing habits.

Dashly is a powerful conversational marketing platform that helps businesses engage leads more effectively and drive better conversions from their websites. The tool uses chatbots, email outreach and customizable pop-ups to help companies generate more leads through multiple channels – all in one place. To make creating chatbots easier for users, Dashly has ready templates with scripted responses, input fields and automated actions as well as entry points whereby customers have access to 24/7 customer service solutions anytime they need it. Pop-up forms are powered using visual editors which enables customizing form design choices like fullscreen slides etc.. Additionally lead generation is much simpler thanks to its integrations with both email newsletters & social media platforms while its personalized & dynamic content capabilities only elevate user engagement further too! So if you’re looking for an effective way to tackle multi channel marketing strategies then look no further than Dashly!