Frank AI: Transform Your Business with Lifetime Deal

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frank ai: transform your business with lifetime deal

Meet Frank: Your Ultimate AI Assistant!

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Who Are We and Why Are We Here?

Hey Sumo-lings! We’re thrilled to introduce you to Frank, our incredibly fast and human-like AI assistant.

After spending the past 18 months developing various AI tools, we decided to combine our expertise into one powerful product. We’ve spent countless hours working on different models and testing numerous products, culminating in Frank—our dream assistant.

About Our Company and Tool

Frank offers a smooth experience with powerful AI capabilities all in one place. Unlike other AI apps, Frank is optimized for speed, accuracy, and ease of conversation while maintaining complete privacy. With features like PDF uploads, website analysis, co-writing, image generation, and more, Frank boosts your productivity and creativity without compromising your privacy.

Our Mission

As designers and product enthusiasts obsessed with clean design, ease-of-use, and privacy, we aimed to make AI interaction fun, valuable, and safe for everyone—regardless of technical skills. Thus was born Frank: the latest cutting-edge language models made accessible for anyone in any language around the world. Since launch, over 140,000 users from more than 100 countries have integrated Frank into their daily lives or work routines.

Use Cases & Key Features

One feature we’re particularly proud of is the Frank iOS Keyboard Extension:

The Frank AI Keyboard is a state-of-the-art tool that brings all of Frank’s power right into your iOS apps—write LinkedIn posts or Tweets in seconds, send emails or generate images directly from your keyboard within any app.

  • Custom keyboard prompts
  • Personalize your native AI keyboard menu
  • Compatible with over 500k iOS apps
  • Chat interface directly in the keyboard

Full Feature List:

  • Communicate with text or voice in any language
  • End-to-end encrypted chats
  • Home screen & Lock screen widgets on iOS
  • Memory prompt: Add personal prompts to Frank’s memory
  • Analyze images using GPT-4 Vision
  • Scanned Texts: Capture an image and use it as a prompt
  • Transcriptions: Generate AI voice from text + read-out within the app
  • Text-to-speech: Communicate with Frank like a person
  • Website analysis by entering URLs into Frank
  • Analyze files (PDFs, CSVs, JSONs)
  • Image generation using DALL-E 3
    Supports models: GPT 3.5, GPT4, GPT4 Vision, GPT4o

Future updates will bring full GPT4o Voice capabilities transforming Frank into an advanced human-like voice communication assistant with multimodal capabilities.

Implementation Strategy for Businesses:

Step-by-Step Integration:

  1. Initial Setup: Introduce employees to Frank through workshops or training sessions.
  2. Customization: Use custom prompts tailored to specific business needs.
  3. Integration Across Platforms: Implement the iOS Keyboard Extension across company devices.
  4. Continuous Feedback Loop: Collect feedback for continuous improvement.
  5. Security Protocols: Ensure end-to-end encryption for all communications.

Benefits of Partnering with Us:

✅ Enhanced productivity through seamless integration
✅ Privacy-first approach ensuring data security
✅ User-friendly design suitable for all skill levels
✅ Comprehensive feature set addressing multiple needs
✅ Continuous innovation with future updates

By incorporating Frank into your business operations or daily routine you’ll streamline tasks while safeguarding privacy – making life simpler yet efficient!

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