Get Cloudflare enterprise features for much less with 10Web Booster

Get Cloudflare enterprise features for much less with 10Web Booster
get cloudflare enterprise features for much less with 10web booster

10Web Booster WP:
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Here are other values that 10Web booster brings to WordPress websites by including CloudFlare Enterprise.

Cloudflare network is “serverless”, which means that site owners should not worry about infrastructure at all. No more configuring auto-scaling, load balancers, or paying for capacity you don’t use. Traffic is automatically routed and load balanced across thousands of servers. Sleep well as your website scales effortlessly. Using Cloudflare infrastructure also decreases the load of original servers.

Due to Cloudflare Enterprise CDN, websites optimized through 10Web Booster Pro have 100% uptime. Pure 100%.

Cloudflare Enterprise product is much more than CDN. It is a web firewall and DDoS protection system that will work out of the box for 10Web Booster users. It includes the most known and trusted Bot mitigation, anomaly detection, custom CAPTCHAs & threat response.

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