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huddleup | lifetime deal

Introducing HuddleUp: The Ultimate HR Solution

HuddleUp is a powerful Super-app that offers HRs, Managers & Employees an array of tools to help them build engaged, high-performing teams. Specifically designed for startups and mid-sized businesses, HuddleUp is the perfect solution to fight team burnout, encourage a culture of continuous feedback and celebrate wins in real-time.

This app works seamlessly within Slack by providing conversational Pulse Check-Ins, 1-on-1s & Anytime 360 feedback to facilitate regular employee evaluations. The app’s ‘Red Zones’ and ‘People Analytics’ features also monitor team burnout levels with ease while motivating performers on gamified leaderboards through fun-filled currency called kudos.

In addition to all this, HuddleUp stimulates conversation with prompts like virtual watercoolers that can lead to more innovative ideas among team members. As testament to its excellence as an HR solution provider thousands of remote & hybrid teams trust huddle up from organizations like MPL,ZestMoney,and Decathlon

Business implementation:

  • HuddleUp could be implemented into your business as an enhancement program so that you can increase engagement by using various elements it provides.
  • By partnering with Hundleup Business owners can keep their workforce motivated continuously which yields better productivity resulting in positive growth
    The pros:

  • Huddluep saves time spent on performing manual evaluation by automating the entire process
  • Increase talent retention rates due to visible effort promoting personal development.
  • Huddleup promotes the very essence of teamwork within organisations thanks to its effective channels
  • Ease of communication and better understanding between team members as they get frequent insights giving them room for improvement
  • Cloud-based software that is easy to install with a flexible pricing range which makes it accessible for all businesses no matter their size or budget.

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