MultiSaas – Multi-Tenancy Multipurpose Website Builder (Saas)

MultiSaas - Multi-Tenancy Multipurpose Website Builder (Saas)
multisaas multi tenancy multipurpose website builder (saas)


MultiSaas – A Multi-Tenancy Multipurpose Website Builder SAAS PHP Script

MultiSaas is a highly customizable multi-tenant website builder that is built on Laravel 9x and Bootstrap 4x frameworks. This script uses a separate database for each tenant, making it faster and more reliable for your websites. It comes with many awesome features, including drag and drop menu builder, drag and drop form builder, drag and drop widget builder, and more. MultiSaas is compatible with desktop, laptop, and mobile devices, as well as major web browsers.

This script has a version of 1.0.5, which was released on January 31, 2023. It requires PHP v8.0 and Laravel 9x to run correctly. MultiSaas includes a different 5-theme package with necessary inner pages that will help your tenants create websites easily without thinking much about the design. Additionally, it also has 19+ payment gateways with more than 150 currency support.

MultiSaas is highly customizable, meaning that you can adjust the settings to suit your specific requirements. This script uses separate databases for each tenant, making it more reliable and faster than traditional website builders. Additionally, this script offers automatic subdomain creations, custom domain options, and compatibility with desktop, laptop, and mobile devices as well as major web browsers.

Demo Links

MultiSaas offers a number of demo links that can be viewed to understand the power and functionality of this software. These demo links include a frontend demo, Super Admin Demo, a Custom Domain Demo, and a Sub Domain Demo. To access these demo links, please visit the following link:

How MultiSaas works

MultiSaas is designed to provide an easy-to-use and customized experience for both landlords and tenants. The script uses a separate database for each tenant, ensuring that websites load quickly and without hassle. MultiSaas also offers automatic subdomain creations, making it easy to create a unique website for each tenant.

Additionally, MultiSaas includes a package of different 5-theme options with necessary inner pages, making it easier for tenants to multiple types of websites easily without thinking much about the design. Furthermore, it has 19+ payment gateways with more than 150 currency support. This feature ensures that tenants can collect payments from their customers effortlessly.

Security Features

MultiSaas has a variety of security features to ensure that your website remains secure. These features include Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) Prevention, Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) Prevention, and Password Hashing. Additionally, the script uses advanced algorithms to prevent SQL injection attacks, making it virtually impossible for hackers to access your website.

System Requirements

To run MultiSaas, you need a VPS that meets the following system requirements:

– Backend Framework: Built on Laravel 9x
– Frontend Framework: Built on Bootstrap 4x
– Requires PHP >=8.0
– Requires MYSQL >=5.7
– Supports MySQL, Mysqli.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does this script require VPS?

This script requires a VPS because it needs specific settings that are not typically allowed in shared hosting or shared VPS. These settings include MySQL root access (parent phpMyAdmin access), wildcard subdomain, cron jobs, PHP configuration settings, PHP new extension install and enable, MySQL version update, and more.

Why does this script require MySQL root access?

This script requires MySQL root access to give privileges to the script database user to create a database dynamically whenever a new user creates their website. Without MySQL root access (root username and password), you cannot achieve this. Every time a user creates a website, you would need to create the database manually and connect with that user.

Why does this script require a wildcard subdomain?

Whenever a user creates a website, the system generates a subdomain for that user in the database. Therefore, it is essential to add a wildcard subdomain and point the path to the script installed path. The system can handle any subdomain connection automatically. Suppose you did not set up the wildcard subdomain. In that case, every time a user creates a new website, you have to create a subdomain for them manually and have to set the path to the script installed path.

Any Recommended VPS for this Script?

It is recommended to use interserver vps package. You can initially start with 1core, 2GB RAM (if possible, 2core, 4GB RAM is best). Our recommended panel for this script is WHM+Cpanel, Plesk, AaPanel because these panels have easy-to-manage settings for all things. We do not recommend Hostinger VPS (because they do not provide MySQL root access) or CyberPanel (because this panel does not have an option to configure a wildcard subdomain). You are free to use other panels as well.

May I install the script in a subdomain?

No. This script requires installation in the root domain, such as The system generates a subdomain for your user-created website, which will look like If you install the MultiSaas in a subdomain, it will not be able to create a subdomain over the subdomain for your user’s website.

What should I ask my VPS provider before purchasing to use this script?

Before purchasing a VPS to use this script, you should ask the following questions:

– Will it provide MySQL root access (root username and password)?
– Does it support wildcard subdomain?
– Does it support wildcard subdomain SSL (it is required to ensure that your user-created website has an SSL certificate)?
– Ability to change and upgrade PHP Version
– Ability to install PHP Extensions
– Cron Job Support
– MySQL Version is getter than 5.7
– PHP Version is getter than 8.0


Donation Module

MultiSaas comes with a donation module that provides your users with the ability to create fundraising websites easily within a few minutes. They can collect donations or funds from their users with ease.

Job Board Module

MultiSaas includes a beautiful job board theme with complete job board solutions. Your users can create their own job board website and post jobs, charge applicants for applying, and more.

Advertisement Module

This script comes with an advertisement module that also supports Google AdSense ads along with banner and script ads options.

Event Booking Module

MultiSaas includes an event booking module that allows your users to create event booking websites with no time. They can sell their event tickets through this module, print their event ticket for attendance, and much more.

Support Ticketing Module

MultiSaas includes a support ticketing module that allows users to create a support ticketing website. They can manage all of their support tickets through their admin panel, open support tickets, reply, and set priority of support tickets based on their needs.

Knowledgebase Module

MultiSaas includes a knowledge base module that allows your users to create a knowledge base website with just a few clicks. It has an extensive search system, group-wise article shown, and more avilable.

eCommerce Module

MultiSaas’s advance eCommerce module supports multiple variants for products with additional price and image. The eCommerce module also provides users with advanced inventory, shipping, coupon, tax, promotional campaigns creation support, and more.

Subscription Module

MultiSaas includes a detailed permission-wise subscription package for tenants. With the package, the admin can decide how many pages they can create and which module they will have access to.

Plan Renew Notification Module

The admin can decide how many times and how many days ago the system will send a reminder email to renew the subscription plan of the tenant. They can also set how many days after the tenant account becomes terminated and deleted permanently.

Automatic Subdomain

This system comes with an automated subdomain system that automatically creates a subdomain for each tenant when they register.

Custom Domain

Tenants can request a custom domain from their user panel or website admin panel. The system will notify the admin regarding the request, and the tenant has to connect DNS to the landlord domain. The landlord needs to add this domain as an add-on domain.

User Activity Log System

This Multipurpose Saas script comes with a user activity log system. The admin can see their activity using the logs.

Multi-Langual Supported

MultiSaas fully supports landlords and tenant’s language needs. Users can use multiple languages simultaneously, where the user can choose which one they want to see from the dropdown list.

Support Ticket Module

This script comes with a support ticketing system where users can easily raise a ticket regarding any issue they may have.

Admin Role Permission Module

MultiSaas includes a user role permission module that has detailed permissions. The admin can decide which permissions they want to give to other admins by role. Super admin can control view/edit/create/delete any of the script modules for any admin role.


MultiSaas is a powerful and customizable multi-tenant website builder that is perfect for your website needs. It offers a wealth of features, including a donation module, job board module, advertisement module, event booking module, support ticketing module, knowledgebase module, eCommerce module, subscription module, and more. This script provides users with automatic subdomain creation and custom domain options. Additionally, it supports multiple currencies and payment gateways, providing your tenants with the ability to collect payments effortlessly. MultiSaas is also highly secure, ensuring that your website remains protected from cyber attacks. Overall, MultiSaas is the perfect solution for anyone looking to create and manage multiple websites effortlessly.


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