UbiZ Mobile App Standard Edition

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ubiz mobile app standard edition

Effortlessly manage your advertising and enhance customer engagement with UbiZ.

The innovative app enables businesses subscribed to UbiZ within a 20-kilometer radius of a user’s location to appear in their search result list.

With the ability to send push notifications, you can grab your potential customers’ attention directly on their mobile devices. The notification feature is activated for all users who have downloaded the UbiZ app and are present within the 20-kilometer range of your business..

Moreover, if someone explicitly likes your brand by clicking “I LIKE IT” on your page, then they become eligible for receiving notifications from you irrespective of their current location! These enhanced features not only enable better outreach but also provide seamless target audience categorization!

This exceptional product offers broad prospects for efficient management of advertising campaigns while requiring minimal effort from businesses. It streamlines multiple marketing tasks into a single control panel, ensuring ease-of-use across its many features.


✅ Improved targeting: With its hyper-local functionality,Ubiz helps small businesses get visibility among local customers that matter most.

✅ Excellent promotional strategy tool: By offering customizable push notifications make it easy for small business owners to create new messages—not just promoting sales or discounts—and delivered them instantly to opted-in customers right at an opportune moment leading up to big holidays & events.

✅ Cost-effective: Advertising costs should be viewed as an investment rather than an expense. Using Ubiz in customizing informed decisions about messaging and targeting will save money over time.

✅ Ease of use: Intuitive design makes accessing analytics simple which provides insights into how well certain promotions perform—helping decision-makers steer budgets onto what works best!

✅ Diverse Integration Options- Being highly versatile platform making integration with any technology reliant system seamless, making it the ideal marketing tool for many businesses.

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