AI Clones for Tasks & Meetings: Boost Efficiency with BHuman

ai clones for tasks & meetings: boost efficiency with bhuman

👋 Hey Lifetime Deal!

I’m Don Bosco, the founder of BHuman Persona. You might recall me from the launch of BHuman AI Studio on Lifetime Deal last year, which was met with overwhelming enthusiasm.

The idea for Persona came to me out of sheer frustration with repetitive calls. I thought, “Why repeat myself endlessly?” That’s when it hit me: what if I could clone myself to handle these conversations and tasks? Imagine a clone smarter than me—accessing global information instantly, conversing in multiple languages, and even managing my browser to complete tasks.

🤖 Introducing BHuman Persona! This isn’t just another tool; it’s your upgraded digital self. Here’s what your Persona clone can do:

  • Engage in text, voice, or video calls with thousands simultaneously without your direct involvement.
  • Replicate your face, voice, personality, writing, and speaking style.
  • Learn from various sources like web pages, videos, audios, PDFs, plain text emails, and more.
  • Continuously stay updated by monitoring your email and adding new information autonomously.
  • Speak fluently in 29 languages (and counting).
  • Track conversation history and monitor your clone’s interactions.
  • Easily embed on your website for real-time visitor interaction.
  • Autonomously reply to emails in a timely manner that sounds just like you.
  • A unique link serves as the social media profile of your clone.
  • Add custom features like pronunciation adjustments and specific on-page instructions tailored to unique needs.
  • Allow clones to meet and collaborate with other clones for expanded operational capabilities.

BHuman Persona Capabilities

Why choose BHuman? Our team is composed of 20 world-class engineers, PhDs, and creatives. We’re VC-backed and have been leading the field for years through collaborations with large enterprises and universities alike.

🌐 Ready to transform your digital life? Try Persona today!

Sincerely not written by my clone,
Don Bosco

Implementation & Business Benefits

Implementing BHuman Persona into your business can streamline operations manifold. Here’s how:

  1. Customer Support Automation: Use Personas for handling customer queries across multiple platforms.
  2. Sales Enhancement: Deploy Personas for initial sales pitches or follow-ups.
  3. Personalized Marketing: Customize interactions based on user behavior tracked by Personas.
  4. Internal Communication: Automate routine internal communications within teams.
  5. Training Modules: Create interactive training modules using Personas.

Pros of this Deal:

✔️ Efficient communication management

✔️ Multilingual support broadens reach

✔️ Continuous learning keeps data updated

✔️ Customizable features cater to unique needs

✔️ Collaboration between clones enhances productivity

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