Avoid emails going to spam with email heat up – Try Instantly lifetime

Avoid emails going to spam with email warm up - Try Instantly lifetime

Avoid emails going to spam with email heat up – Try Instantly lifetime


Optimize deliverability on your B2B outreach campaigns with limitless sending accounts and email warm-up performance

Alternative to: Lemlist

My web site: https://saasmaster.web


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  1. Hey there George. Thanks for a very informative breakdown of Instantly. I actually bought it because of your review. Just wanted to point out Lemlist, which is the cold email standard doesn't have a visual builder and has templates without pictures. When you do cold emails you don't want to add pictures because it will most likely be flagged as spam. The goal is to just have them respond and then slowly nurture them into an appointment.

    I think the email warmer is better than Lemlist's. Lemlist you can use their warmer while sending out cold emails. And it's only limited to one email at a time. So basically, you can't use their email warmer while you run campaigns. I like Lemlist but it has limitations that hasn't been addressed even until now. But its still a good tool.

    Anyways, thanks again for the review. Cheers!

  2. Saw your comments on the Appsumo review page for Instantly and I agree. Overall, the product has a lot of promise but it is missing all those features you mentioned. But I suppose that's why you list products on Apssumo, right? Take the feedback you get from Sumolings and built a better product. Hopefully, in a year's time, it will be one of those deals that people will be glad they got.

  3. Hi brother you do great work. Love your lessons on jotform, I'm glad I'm following you here too. I'm running into roadblocks and I was looking to see if you have any videos that would help out with this… I'm using jotform for pdf forms that people are willing to fill out and submit. When they get submitted, they need to go to 500+ emails I have set up in the notification (10 emails per notic.) Now, it is quite possible that each email I have set up will receive 100k+ submits, because it's a big project I'm doing. Now, to lower the chances of the submits going to their spam folder, getting blocked, etc what good SMTP servers are out there, that I can include in this big project or a better question, how do you tackle a big project like this? Thank you man God bless 🙏😀

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