Boost Your Creativity with Microthemer on Lifetime Deal!

boost your creativity with microthemer on lifetime deal!

Welcome Sumo-lings!

I’m thrilled to present Microthemer, a versatile CSS editor designed for WordPress. This tool is particularly popular among beginners seeking to make detailed stylistic modifications not catered for by other tools. It’s also a hit with developers who prefer utilizing visual controls for their custom CSS.

Boosting Page Speed Optimization

We’ve recently been focusing on enhancing page speed optimization straight from the get-go. Microthemer intelligently separates your CSS for each page and defers styles for “below the fold” content, ensuring zero impact on your site’s loading time. Thanks to our new page logic feature, you can assign style folders to load globally, specific types of posts or set of pages, or in sync with a Bricks template – the choice is yours.

Integration with Page Builders and Themes

We have also integrated “lightly” with numerous page builders and themes. This means that updates to Microthemer CSS styles and page builder content happen across multiple browser tabs instantly – no need for refreshing. This feature is supported by tools such as Breakdance, Bricks, Brizy, Divi, Elementor, OptimizePress, Oxygen, Thrive Architect, WP Page Builder, and Zion.

New Additions and Updates

The style options have received an upgrade too! There’s now support for CSS shapes and masks along with stock SVG images. We have also made several minor updates like the wireframe mode that assists in identifying issues with overflowing elements and a setup screen to transfer your workspace preferences over to new installations (toolbar layouts, theme configuration options etc).

Upcoming AI Integration

I’m presently working on integrating artificial intelligence into our system and would appreciate feedback once the beta version is released. I’m optimistic that Microthemer can assist LLMs to produce superior CSS code by providing the HTML and CSS context for selected elements.

Thank you for reading, do not hesitate to ask if you have any queries!


This software can be implemented in your business to make website design and management easier and more efficient. It allows non-developers to make style changes without needing extensive coding knowledge and offers developers a convenient visual interface for customizing CSS.

1. Easy-to-use for both beginners and developers.
2. Page speed optimization features help improve site performance.
3. Integration with various page builders and themes enhances versatility.
4. Regular updates ensure the software stays ahead of current trends.
5. The upcoming AI integration will further simplify CSS editing tasks.

These advantages together make Microthemer an appealing tool for businesses seeking a straightforward, efficient solution for managing their WordPress sites’ design elements.

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