BrainCert: Your Marketplace for Courses & Products!

BrainCert - Sell courses, products, and more
braincert: your marketplace for courses & products!

BrainCert serves as a comprehensive training platform designed to revolutionize the way you sell online courses. It’s more than just an educational tool; it’s an all-in-one solution that combines course creation, sales, assessments, and live instruction capabilities.

Creating tailor-made courses has never been simpler thanks to BrainCert’s intuitive drag-and-drop builder. You can effortlessly integrate live classes, engaging quizzes, and gamification features without writing a single line of code. Personalize the learning journey with custom paths and completion criteria while enhancing the experience with informative explainer videos.

Selling your content is seamless with BrainCert’s integration of popular payment gateways like PayPal and Stripe. Whether you’re aiming for one-off sales or establishing recurring revenue through subscriptions, BrainCert equips you with the tools to offer discount coupons and delve into detailed sales analytics.

Unlock new ways to evaluate your students’ progress with cloud-based assessments suitable for academic or professional certification programs. Through WebRTC technology, BrainCert provides secure and high-definition remote test proctoring that records sessions for integrity. A variety of question formats allows for dynamic testing experiences, from multiple-choice to interactive audio or video queries.

Online learning assessments in BrainCert

The virtual classroom environment on BrainCert is second to none. Interactive whiteboards and breakout rooms foster collaboration while video conferencing brings lessons to life. Support for LaTeX enables intricate equation sharing, and integration with Wolfram|Alpha caters to complex problem-solving needs.

Drive engagement further by incorporating gamification strategies into your courses. Recognize achievements with custom badges or choose from ready-made designs to inspire both learners and staff alike. Leaderboards instigate friendly competition among peers which in turn enhances overall performance.

By integrating BrainCert into your business model, you can:


🟢 Streamline course creation with user-friendly tools.


🟢 Harness advanced payment options for diverse revenue streams.


🟢 Offer cutting-edge assessment methods for effective learning validation.


🟢 Provide a rich virtual classroom experience adaptable for various teaching styles.


🟢 Utilize gamification techniques to boost engagement and completion rates.

Incorporating BrainCert not only elevates the learning experience but also broadens your market reach by providing an accessible platform where anyone can learn anything at their own pace—all while generating income for your business through innovative content delivery methods.

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