Cloud Archive – Cloud Data Backup and File Archive as SaaS

Cloud Archive - Cloud Data Backup and File Archive as SaaS
cloud archive cloud data backup and file archive as

### Cloud Archive: Your Ultimate Cloud Data Backup and File Archive SaaS Solution

![Cloud Archive](

#### Delving Deeper into Cloud Archive Description
The **Cloud Archive** is a Software-as-a-Service platform tailored to establish a long-term cloud data archival business. It harnesses the power of **Amazon S3 Glacier**, known for its unparalleled security and dependability. Amazon’s Glacier storage classes offer cost-effective archive storage strategies with virtually unlimited scalability and industry-leading data durability.

There’s also the option to utilize **S3 Glacier Deep Archive Storage**, an affordable yet competent storage class that ensures retrieval within 12 hours. These offerings strictly adhere to various compliance certifications, including SEC Rule 17a-4, PCI-DSS, HIPAA/HITECH, FedRAMP, EUGDPR, and FISMA.

Find more information at [Amazon Glacier](

#### Cloud Archive Online Demos
If you’re interested in experiencing how Cloud Archive works, you can explore our online demo platforms, watch demonstration videos, and delve into our comprehensive documentation.

### Key Features of Cloud Archive:
– Built leveraging robust **Amazon Web Services**.
– Integrated support for the durable **S3 Glacier** as well as the economical **S3 Glacier Deep Archive**.
– Virtually unlimited storage space thanks to scalability capabilities.
– Incorporation of native **S3 Multipart Uploading** for easier management of large-scale uploads.
– Expedited retrieval services for glacier tier storage (available within 1-2 minutes) and standard retrievals from both storage tiers within 3-5 hours.

Additionally, the Cloud Archive offers a bulk retrieval option, an affiliate referral system, and the ability to track monthly income and estimate expenditure on the Amazon S3 Glacier service utility. The platform is a fully finished, ready-to-go SaaS platform that simplifies management via a powerful admin panel. Detailed documentation and a six-month support plan are included with the purchase.

#### Pricing Structure (S3 Glacier):
For detailed price information, please visit: [Amazon Web Services Pricing Information](

**Note:** Operating Cloud Archive requires a valid AWS account, and this application is not built for mobile platforms.

#### Release Note – Change Logs:
– 27.07.2022 – Version 1.0.
– This marks our initial release.

Stay updated with us on [Twitter]( and meet the developer at [Codecanyon](

If you’d like to see the live preview or purchase the Cloud Archive, you can do so [here]( and [here]( respectively.

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