DocuMentor: Turbocharge Your Document Automation with Lifetime Deal

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documentor: turbocharge your document automation with lifetime deal

Experience effortless work with shareable forms and a form designer.

When you upload your template, the software automatically creates a user-friendly web form for you.

You have the ability to personalize it by modifying each field/section appearance (textfield, datepicker, selectbox, radio select, checkbox, and more).

For every created form, you can easily produce a public sharing link.

Others can complete your documents on your behalf using a specially designed form.

Once the individual you shared the link with successfully submits the form, a notification email will be sent to you, and then the completed document will be available as an email attachment.

To implement this in your business:
1. Upload your desired templates into the software.
2. Customize the generated web forms according to your needs.
3. Generate shareable links for these forms and share them with relevant parties.
4. Receive notifications when someone completes a form and access filled-out documents via email attachments.

5 Pros of this deal:

✅ Streamlines document creation by turning templates into customizable web forms.

✅ Reduces manual work by allowing others to fill out documents on your behalf.

✅ Simplifies sharing through public links that are easily accessible.

✅ Keeps you informed about completed forms with email notifications.

✅ Enhances organization by providing filled-out documents as email attachments.

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