Efficiently Manage WordPress on Hostinger VPS with Hestia to Cut Extra Costs

Skip the Extra Costs - WordPress on Hostinger VPS Using Hestia VPS manager
efficiently manage wordpress on hostinger vps with hestia to cut

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Hey SaaS Masters, welcome back to the channel! Today, I’ve got something really special for you—how to set up a WordPress site on a VPS without shelling out extra for a VPS Manager! So, if you’re a budget-conscious developer or a startup, this one’s for you.

👨‍🏫 What You Will Learn

*How to get the cheapest VPS deal possible.
*Setting up a VPS with Hostinger.
*Using an open-source VPS Manager called Hestia.
*Installing a WordPress site step-by-step.

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0:00 – Introduction and What to Expect
0:59 – Choosing Your VPS Plan & Snagging a Discount
2:00 – Initial VPS Setup on Hostinger
3:02 – Choosing an OS and Control Panel
4:00 – Accessing Your Hestia CP Panel
5:01 – Creating a User in Hestia
6:08 – Setting up Domain and DNS
7:17 – Installing WordPress on Hestia
8:00 – Accessing WordPress Admin
8:44 – Conclusion & Wrap Up

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How to Use a Free VPS Manager: Install FREE Hestia VPS manager on Hostinger

How to Use a Free VPS Manager: Install FREE Hestia VPS manager on Hostinger