Grab a Lifetime Deal: TimeGram – Your Team’s Private Time Tracker!

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grab a lifetime deal: timegram your team's private time

A New Era of Project Management with TimeGram

In a departure from traditional norms, TimeGram creates a unique paradigm by eschewing the need for screenshots.

The Innovative Engine Behind Highlights

Our state-of-the-art Highlights engine unobtrusively records all actions during the day. As the hours pass, users can seamlessly assign and log these activities to specific tasks or projects within the software’s structure.

We’ve ingeniously incorporated project management into this system. The twist here is: until users opt to allocate an action, all information stays confidential.

The Power of Insight Over Oversight

You’ll experience a sense of freedom when trust takes precedence.

No screenshots, no keystroke logging, no intrusive webcam images.

Experience Enhanced Precision and Transparency

Welcome to TimeGram – unparalleled in its user-friendly interface and simplicity. Your privacy. Your productivity. Your rules.

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