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grab the qikchat lifetime deal at 88% off: turn leads

Revolutionizing Lead Distribution with QikChat

Once a lead form is effectively filled out, our advanced system, QikChat, takes over. It slickly directs your fresh leads to the next in line team members, promising an equitable distribution of leads and setting up every member for victory.

Farewell to Outdated Practices

Bid adieu to the old-fashioned ‘first come first served’ approach towards lead acquisition. This change diminishes internal conflicts among team members while boosting camaraderie and spirit.

The Manager’s Perspective

In the new scheme of things, managers get a panoramic view of the entire team’s performance. They remain informed about all interactions between leads and team members, monitoring meeting engagements in real time. This not only minimizes the possibility of lost sales but also effectively secures the pipeline.

Implementing this in your business can bring about a sea-change in your lead management process:

✅ Pro 1: Equitable distribution of leads enhances overall team dynamics.
✅ Pro 2: Real-time tracking reduces chances of missing potential sales.
✅ Pro 3: The holistic view provided to managers helps them make informed decisions.
✅ Pro 4: It eliminates unhealthy competition among team members thereby boosting morale.
✅ Pro 5: The systematic routing ensures no lead falls through cracks.

Incorporating such a system into your business model will definitely put you on a path towards accelerated growth!

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