iFood – multi restaurant merchant hosting site SAAS

iFood - multi restaurant merchant hosting site SAAS
ifood multi restaurant merchant hosting site saas


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Live Demo

+ Login as admin (link)—[username:[username:khalid; password: khalid]

+ What is new in v1.1 (18/09/2020)

  1. add taxes (take a commission on orders): you can change the percentage from the administration.
  2. geolocation: Ex. Restaurants near me, Search in all nearby restaurants using the visitor actual location latitude & longitude and compare it with the restaurants to get the nearby ones to the visitor location..
  3. ADD Stripe Payment method
  4. option to switch on and off ordering per restaurant
  5. ADD time picker to restaurant working hours

+ Whats is the script functionality?
iFood is a multi-restaurant hosting script. it allows merchants to create a restaurant or multi restaurants page, add menus and items (food) to it. the visitor chooses the nearby restaurant he wants to by using the Geolocation feature. after the visitor buys the item using Paypal or credit card (Stripe), the merchant restaurant receives an email notification to deliver the food. the user can make orders from different restaurants at the same time and the script sends the order and invoice to each restaurant.

+ The members’ roadmap?
User: can only buy from the website and track his order from the “My Orders” section.
Merchant: can create a restaurant or multi restaurants based on the plan he chose. he manages his orders and the status of each order. and make the deliveries to the user.
Admin: he has all the functions in the script. but basically, he has nothing to do with orders because it is the restaurant job.. but if he wants to do that he can from the administration.

+ How the money handled?
the restaurant adds the price and the delivery fees if exists to an item. when the visitor buys food from the restaurant all the money goes to the admin Paypal/Stripe account.. the system cut the TAXES percentage (you can change taxes percentage from administration) and add the money left to the merchant balance.. the merchant make withdraws from his balance to the email account that he add.. the admin accepts or refuses that.

+ How to Install the script:

+ How to ADD new merchant:

+ How to ADD new restaurant:

+ How to ADD new item/food:

+ How to ADD and manage orders:

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Puerto iFood Script is an awesome script that lets you run your own restaurant or multi-restaurant merchant hosting site. It has been built from scratch using the latest web technologies available such as PHP7, HTML5, and CSS3.

Some Features:

  • Advanced Restaurant System
  • Full restaurant statistics by gender, location…
  • Free and Paid Restaurant Membership
  • Food online orders and delivery
  • Cuisines, Menus, Invoices, Reviews, Statistics, …
  • Membership System
  • Multi-Languages system.
  • Full administration you manage with it every single thing on the script.
  • Users can also register using social media accounts (support: facebook, twitter and google).
  • SMTP Email system.
  • Subscribers.
  • Beautiful HTML5 and Animations with fully responsive design
  • Cross-Browser
  • Quick & Easy Installer
  • Extensive Documentation
  • && a lot more features…

For more info please make sure to contact me first. thank you!

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The success of businesses in the restaurant industry have in large part been made possible with the use of various software solutions. iFood is a multi-restaurant merchant hosting site that provides a comprehensive set of services through a Software as a Service (SAAS) model. This platform empowers restaurants and related businesses to manage their online presence with ease while providing a host of additional services.

With its SAAS solution, iFood allows merchants to offer their patrons delicious meals from multiple restaurant locations. Merchants can upload menu items with intuitive drag-and-drop functionality, allowing customers to easily browse and order the food they crave. Moreover, iFood provides restaurants with several payment processing options including major credit cards, PayPal and other payment gateways.

In addition to restaurant management features, iFood also provides restaurants with a marketing suite to help create a more engaging web-presence. Through specialized web-pages, restaurants can promote their products and services more effectively, utilizing iFood’s integrated analytics tools to track performance. This allows restaurants to gain a better understanding of customers’ behavior, enabling them to deliver a personalized experience.

Moreover, iFood is relentless in their efforts to ensure the highest levels of security. With standardized and encrypted communication between restaurants and customers, iFood protects against any and all data breaches. Furthermore, iFood ensures safety and peace of mind with a secure user authentication system, multi-factor confirmation process, and regular security audits.

Ultimately, iFood is the perfect solution for merchants looking to expand their online presence. Through their innovative software as a service model, restaurants now have the freedom to manage their entire operation, increase customer engagement, and promote their products and services. Rest easy knowing iFood has your back when it comes to security and payment processing.

The benefits and features of iFood make it a must-have for restaurant business owners wanting to make their service more accessible to the public. With iFood, you can be sure that your customers will have access to delicious, fresh meals while your establishment remains secure and free from data breaches. Invest in iFood today and see the difference!

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