Lifetime Deal’s Everest Backup: Your Ultimate Data Protector!

lifetime deal's everest backup: your ultimate data protector!

Meet Prabin, the Visionary Behind Everest Backup

I’m Prabin, the mastermind and founder of Everest Backup.

Let’s take a trip down memory lane to late 2021 when the seed for Everest Backup was planted. At that time, backup plugins were incomplete puzzles – perplexing and annoying. I found myself in a bind, burdened with the intimidating mission of transferring an enormous 42 GB website to another hosting provider. Picture grappling with a colossal website over a sluggish internet connection, only to repeat the upload struggle on an isolated server. Little did I realize then that this very struggle would ignite the spark that led to the creation of Everest Backup.

Although we are new players in this field, our drive is unstoppable. We’re aware of potential hurdles ahead, but your support could be our game-changer. If you come across any obstacles along your journey, please feel free to connect with us. As one of our early believers, you’ll gain access to exclusive privileges in this exciting journey that lies before us.

We are not just another WordPress Agency at heart; we’re passionate about creating impactful WordPress Themes and Plugins. Problem-solving is ingrained in us deeply which is how Everest Backup came into existence as a solution for my personal frustrations which later transformed into a tool designed for your convenience.

Everest Backup stands apart from typical backup tools as it serves as a reliable companion for website migration too. Consider it like a magic key – enabling smooth transitions from one server to another instantly. Whether moving from local to live or vice versa as simple as copy-pasting; it’s easy-peasy! Moreover, people have discovered innovative uses for it beyond what we initially envisioned.

The Team Behind Everest Backup

Before I proceed, I want to express my deep gratitude to the amazing team members who devoted their energy into this project. Your commitment and hard work are the pillars of what Everest Backup is today.

We realize comparisons are inevitable, but Everest Backup stands out in the crowd. Thanks to our user-friendly dashboard, one-click integration with popular clouds, easy-to-understand logs, and the impressive magic migration feature; you can say goodbye to the hassle of downloading and re-uploading bulky backup files. We’re essentially a cloud-based USB drive – sounds cool, right?

Our journey has just begun and our mission goes beyond raising funds – we aim to integrate Everest Backup seamlessly with cloud storage. Envision a future where Everest Backup synchronizes perfectly with clouds, driving innovation forward.

We look forward to an exciting adventure ahead. Your support means the world to us. Let’s together scale new heights with Everest Backup leading the way.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need any assistance. Besides, we have an active Facebook community that you’re cordially invited to join our Facebook group.

Looking Forward,

Prabin Jha

Founder / CEO

Everest Backup

How Can This Be Implemented In Your Business?

Integrating Everest Backup into your business operations will simply make your life easier when it comes to website management. Here are five reasons how:

1️⃣ Easy Website Migration: With its “magic key,” moving websites from one server another becomes effortless.
2️⃣ Cloud Integration: It offers seamless integration with popular clouds.
3️⃣ User-Friendly: Its dashboard is easy to use, making the process of backup and migration less daunting.
4️⃣ Community Support: You’ll be part of an active Facebook community where you can interact with others users.
5️⃣ Stellar Customer Service: The team behind Everest Backup is dedicated and responsive, ensuring that you receive the assistance you need promptly.

Using Everest Backup in your business will save time, reduce stress, and improve efficiency.

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