Peasy Sales: Streamline Conversations & Skyrocket Sales!

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peasy sales: streamline conversations & skyrocket sales!

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It’s no secret that your clients and sales crew adore instant messaging. However, let’s be honest – chats can get chaotic. As a seasoned sales manager, I fully comprehend how taxing it is to manage a sales team. We crave structure, procedures and metrics to steadily scale our growth. Yet if we overdo it, our sales teams spend more time organizing and gathering data than actually selling.

Welcome to Peasy Sales

We’ve designed Peasy Sales on the belief that we can savor the best of both worlds. It enables sales managers to maintain oversight and control without burdening their teams with tedious compliance tasks. Simultaneously, it allows your sales crew to gain insights and handle data intuitively without squandering an excessive amount of time collecting and arranging information.

Here’s why your sales team will fall in love πŸ’—with Peasy Sales:

a. Prioritize your conversation inbox according to importance. Concentrate on high-value prospects and categorize them by your call list.

b. Set up automatic reminders for follow-ups and messages. Execute automation for sending follow-up texts to all prospects 3 days post demo.

c. Maintain a clutter-free inbox while keeping your sanity intact. Only visible conversations are open ones.

d. Streamline repetitive inquiries with our code-free chatbot which answers common questions on behalf of your team.

e. Focus only on pre-qualified leads as our chatbot filters them before assigning them to your team.

f. Automated reporting captures response times, sales pipeline stats and conversation loads so you don’t have to report manually.

g. Adopt customer-centric conversations by unifying dialogues from various channels into a single customer-focused view, eliminating the need to search different platforms for customer messages.

h. Automated scheduling combines the ease of Calendly with the convenience of WhatsApp. Our chatbot handles appointment reminders, rescheduling options and confirmations.

Here’s why sales managers will adore πŸ’— Peasy Sales:

a. Automatic lead assignment eliminates the need for manual downloading and distribution of leads via spreadsheets. Our automation rules make this process seamless.

b. Real-time reporting on your team’s performance, including response times, average sales cycle duration and sales pipeline stats puts you at ease without micro-managing.

c. Workflow integration with our chatbot supports API integration allowing automatic invoice sending from QuickBooks or proposal dispatching from your Document Management system.

d. Automate data organization by labeling contacts who have visited your pricing page more than 3 times, enabling prioritization of these leads. Set language preferences and properties based on custom events or message responses.

We collaborate well

We seamlessly integrate our chatbot πŸ€–and automation with:

a. Zapier

b. API

c. ChatGPT

Implementing this software in your business can streamline processes and increase efficiency by automating tasks that would otherwise be time-consuming.

βœ… Pros about this deal:
1️⃣ Enhances productivity by automating repetitive tasks.
2️⃣ Provides real-time insights about performance metrics.
3️⃣ Integrates easily with other software like Zapier and ChatGPT.
4️⃣ Prioritizes high-value prospects to increase conversion rates.
5️⃣ Keeps all conversation history in one place for easy referencing.

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