“Picture Perfect: Crafting Captivating Visual Narratives”

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"picture perfect: crafting captivating visual narratives"

Exposure CMS is the perfect tool for anyone looking to create engaging and stunning visual stories that will captivate and impress their audience. With its vast array of features, it’s never been easier to create beautiful narratives from your photos and videos.

One of the best things about this tool is its ability to let you build unlimited visual stories, so you can showcase as many photos as you want without any restrictions. To get started, choose a site layout template and customize it to match your brand’s aesthetics, and then drag and drop your photos into the layout and rearrange them until you’re happy with the result.

Choose how you want to tell your visual story with different site layouts.

Exposure also comes with automatic resizing of images to fit on any display, so you only need to upload your photos once. Additionally, you can embed other types of media like tweets, Facebook and Instagram posts, YouTube videos, and Google Maps into your visual story.

Rich formatting
Add text and other types of media, like Facebook posts and YouTube videos.

Exposure is equipped with all the necessary features to help you publish your visual stories effortlessly. You can design private galleries and password-protected stories that can be unlisted from your public page. The tool also allows you to create looped cover videos optimized for all devices and notify your subscribers automatically when you publish new work through the built-in email list feature.

Looping covers
Create covers from looped photos that are optimized for the web and mobile devices.

One of the great things about Exposure is the ability to add links and buy buttons to your images. This allows you to tell the stories behind your brand and foster more interest in your products and services. The tool also curates the best stories and photos in their Publication and New Tab features, available on Firefox and Chrome browsers.


By using Exposure, you can upgrade your visual storytelling and capture your audience’s attention with interactive, engaging, and creative narratives. Get lifetime access to Exposure today and take your brand to the next level!


✔️ Unlimited visual stories.

✔️ Automatic resizing of images to fit on any display.

✔️ Capability to embed media like tweets, Facebook and Instagram posts, YouTube videos, and Google Maps

✔️ Ability to add links and buy buttons to your images.

✔️ Design private galleries and password-protected stories.

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