Re:Tune – Effortlessly Craft and Train No-Code AI Chatbots!

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re:tune effortlessly craft and train no code ai chatbots!

Meet Re:tune: Your AI-powered platform for creating custom chatbots

Re:tune provides you with all the essential tools for crafting intelligent, AI-driven chatbots in no time at all!

The process is straightforward—simply provide a brief description to generate a detailed prompt and voila! Your custom chatbot is ready.

You have the freedom to customize the personality, expertise, and tone of voice to match your business needs.

If you’re new to prompt engineering, don’t fret! Use the auto-prompt feature to set up your unique prompt or use one that has already proven effective.

Craft your chatbot’s individual personality and expertise with the help of our prompt generator.

In using Re:tune, you’ll get to select from three distinct AI language models:GPT-3.5, GPT-4, and Claude.

All models have their own strengths—GPT-4 excels in reasoning capabilities while Claude boasts an exceptional memory.

You also can adjust your chatbot’s creativity level, making it sound analytical or fun-loving. Either way, it’s always useful!

Besides that, you can determine limits for your chatbot, like token size and thread count. This ensures usage remains within set boundaries.


Select your preferred AI model as well as token sizes and thread counts for optimal control.

Morph your chatbot into a subject matter guru by compiling documents and webpages into its knowledge library.

You are free to upload PDFs and TXT files for training purposes,this could include things like company presentations or scientific researches.

You’ll get the ability to Add relevant URLs this allows your new chatbot to gather information from professionally written blogs and articles improving its knowledge base.

The best part about re:tunes’ bots is they have an excellent memory,saving old conversations,this means no more repeating necessary details again..and again..and again!

Easily upload files and scrape webpages so that your chatbot becomes an industry expert overnight.

You can easily integrate this tool on any webpage by simply copy-pasting a small piece of code snippet onto your site’s HTML. You can also connect Re:tunes with various other platforms via API including WhatsApp Facebook Messenger Slack Zapier etc. This will allow you to manage customer interactions answer FAQs attract potential leads without having you lift a finger.

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