Streamline Your Videos: Gumlet – Host, Secure & Play!

streamline your videos: gumlet host, secure & play!

Revolutionize Your Video Content with Gumlet Video

The Ultimate Video Hosting and Optimization Platform

Introducing Gumlet Video: Your All-in-One Video Solution

Step into the world of seamless video management with Gumlet Video—a cutting-edge platform designed to simplify your video hosting needs. Upload swiftly, manage efficiently, and stream securely while diving deep into comprehensive analytics.

Escape the waiting game with Gumlet’s parallel processing feature that gives you immediate access to video URLs post-upload. Whether sourced from cloud storage or directly uploaded, your videos are now easier to handle than ever before.

Enhance your SEO efforts by neatly organizing your videos in collections, folders, and profiles. Finding the perfect clip is a breeze within this streamlined system.

Gumlet fits like a glove with your current workflow. It supports integrations through APIs, Zapier, Pabbly Connect, and allows for multi-channel publishing thanks to Embedly, oEmbed, and iFramely support.

Edit Everything Under One Roof: Title, Description, Thumbnails & More!

Gumlet’s per-title encoding optimizes compression without degrading quality for an unparalleled streaming experience. Delight viewers with buffer-free streaming at their chosen resolution—from crisp 240p up to stunning 4K.

Thanks to its use of multiple CDNs for global low-latency streaming, viewers can enjoy seamless content even on mobile devices.

Better streaming experience
Ace Compression Without Compromising Quality

Create a customized video player that embodies your brand using specific colors and logos. Adjust elements like logo size and position until it aligns perfectly with your vision while embedding powerful CTAs within your content.

Select the ideal frame as a thumbnail or bring in custom images or GIFs to stand out. Expand your reach globally by publishing videos complete with multiple subtitles and audio tracks.

Showcase Your Brand’s Flair on a Customizable Player

< p >G um let V ide o offers robust protection features like D RM , dynamic watermarks , geo-blocking , signed URL tokens , and encryption — ensuring piracy doesn’t stand a chance against safeguarding your content

< p >Leverage the analytics dashboard for in-depth insights into how viewers engage with your videos Sort through various metrics filters parameters make informed decisions that propel growth< p />

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