Subdomain Module is used for maintenance subdomain of HRM SaaS.

Subdomain Module for HRM SAAS
subdomain module for hrm saas


Subdomain Module for HRM SAAS - 1

Note : 

  • This module will work only hrm saas version greater than or equal to 4.1.3. 


Now companies have have their own specific sub-domains
Examples are,, etc

Installation Guide

Documentation and Setup

Here is the link of documentation and setup. Visit
Subdomain Module: A Comprehensive Solution for HRM SaaS Management

Organizations are constantly in flux, facing new opportunities and obstacles every day. To stay competitive, they need to be able to easily update and manage their HRM SaaS systems. The Subdomain Module offers a comprehensive solution for managing subdomain of HRM SaaS systems, streamlining the process and providing greater control.

The Subdomain Module is specifically tailored to work with multiple HRM SaaS providers, allowing users to maintain a single complex subdomain setup across multiple HRM SaaS providers. With just a few clicks in the user interface, users can manage the subdomain of their HRM SaaS systems – from adding and removing subdomains to configuring files and settings.

The Subdomain Module also helps users easily manage and keep track of their employee subdomains. It helps simplify the process of creating, associating, and managing employee subdomains and eliminates the need for manual intervention. It also assists with security, offering the ability to restrict access to company resources based on employee subdomain.

In addition to providing stability and control, the Subdomain Module also gives users access to advanced analytics, allowing them to view and interpret data sets and gain insights into how their subdomain architectures are performing. This allows users to stay on top of their HRM SaaS subdomain management and adjust their architecture as needed to optimize performance and minimize risk.

The Subdomain Module is a powerful and comprehensive solution for managing subdomain of HRM SaaS systems. It provides users with greater control and analytics, while also streamlining the process of managing and maintaining their HRM SaaS subdomain architecture. With the Subdomain Module, organizations can be sure that their HRM SaaS systems are up to date, secure, and optimized for performance.

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