Tasky – SaaS based Task Management Solution

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Digging Deeper into Tasky – The SaaS Task Management Solution and Its Key Features

Whether you’re a startup or a seasoned business, efficient task management is vital for success. Tasky, a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) based task management solution, stands out as a remarkable tool to streamline your project endeavors and enhance team productivity.

Take note that the custom domain feature is exclusively available with the Extended License purchase, allowing you to charge your clients for using the service.

A visual representation of Tasky's organizational benefits

Interactive Demonstration for Better Insights

Comprehensive Documentation for Added Advantage

It’s always beneficial when software solutions come with extensive documentation. Therefore, take advantage of Tasky’s comprehensive Installation Guide & Documentation designed meticulously for easy understanding.

If reading user manuals exhausts you, worry not! Get live insights from website layout and admin panel hosted on this link.

Note: “admin” has been set as both the username and password for demo purposes.

You can also walk through and experience the Sample Client Instance – Admin, Manager, and Staff login pages are conveniently located here.

Login credentials:

Username: admin
Password: password

Username: manager
Password: password

Username: staff
Password: password

Prerequisites for Trouble-free Installation & Server Requirements

Before implementing Tasky on your server, ensure you fulfill all installation prerequisites as mentioned in its documentation. Some of them include the use of PHP >=8.1 (for CLI and Web both), supported PHP Extensions including OpenSSL, BCMath, DOM PHP, among others.

For database requirements, MySQL version must be >= 8 or more. The additional server requirement includes enabling ‘allow_url_fopen’ function with SSL installed on the Server.

All these settings are necessary for a smooth Tasky installation and operation.

Evidence Of All Previous Releases

The initial version had features like –


Version 1.0.0 Released

* SaaS Admin Plans Features 
* Customizable Website Layout with Pricing Specifications.
* Manageable Departments Lists  
* An Exhaustive Logbook for Records Keeping feature offered by Tasky offers various departments...

Frequently Asked Questions & Note on Support Services Provided

To Install script Access Code is required which will available once logged into Envato account at, Your Access Code Here,.

In case any issue is encountered, drop a mail to Official Email, the response time may vary between 48 hours and maximum can be upto 5 working days.

Note: The author provides installation support, but does not teach coding or server setup. However, questions related to Laravel Framework or VueJS are answerable by our team as per guidelines set by Envato support tab. Go through the application description for more information.

Purchasing Course of Action & Consequences of Unlawful Usage

Using Tasky on multiple instances requires the purchase of an Extended License. Ignoring this rule would cause a permanent block from further use, and issues will be reported to Envato.

The script does not offer exchange/refund options due to its irrevocable digital nature!

Final Thoughts from Tasky

We value your insights and constructive feedback! If you have any recommendations or feature requests, simply share them with us here.


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