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Tweakeze is designed to monitor your machine in real-time and execute pre-defined or custom scripting actions when these events happen.

It also includes several junk cleaning, tweaking and organizing options to round its feature set out.

You can create custom Watchers specifying Triggers, like when an executable starts/stops. It permits you to organize them into neat categories or by name with the corresponding action to be carried out.

These Actions can trigger regular file/folder and Registry operations (i.e., delete, move, copy, set) or run a script to capture changes and filter their execution or execute a completely different task.

Tweakeze can also delete browser data permitting you to remove temp data, history traces, download history, session and completed forms history quickly.

Tweakeze is a well-rounded monitoring tool providing you with many useful options for keeping a handle on what goes on with your machine in real-time.

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