Simply Static: Swift WordPress to Static Site!

simply static: swift wordpress to static site!

Transform Your WordPress Site into a Speedy Fortress with Simply Static

Embrace the power of simplicity and speed! With a single click, convert your WordPress site into a static powerhouse, boasting rapid load times that users will love.

No more worries about breaches or attacks; enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a robust, hacker-resistant website.

Select the perfect moments to refresh your content with Simply Static, freeing you from constant WordPress maintenance.

Create an impregnable static site in just one easy click.

Slice through web hosting costs with Simply Static. You can enjoy complimentary hosting services from Cloudflare Pages, Netlify, and BunnyCDN.

Migrating to these platforms is a breeze thanks to the plugin’s automated deployment feature.

Leverage free hosting indefinitely, managing everything conveniently from your WordPress dashboard!

Hassle-free deployment on cost-effective hosting platforms at your fingertips.

Finding what you need on your static site is effortless with Simply Static’s sophisticated built-in search capabilities.

Fuse.js delivers an intuitive search engine complete with suggestions for every query. Plus, it can index your entire website as an easily searchable JSON file.

Elevate your search experience further with Algolia’s forgiving typo-tolerant searches and insightful analytics, all without touching a line of code.

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