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snag the lifetime deal: oliver pos for woocommerce at 80%

Experience Infinite Adaptability with Oliver Plugins

Enter the world of unlimited possibilities with Oliver Plugins. These allow you to add complex product categories, discount codes, or pretty much any additional feature to your physical storefront.

Basis of Oliver Plugins

The foundation for a majority of Oliver plugins is a WordPress plugin. Examples include Amelia, Smart Coupons, Points & Rewards, among others.

Building Your Own Oliver Plugin

Oliver Plugins can be created using any programming language of your choice. You have the option to have one developed by the expert team at Oliver, or you can seek assistance in constructing one on your own.

Get on Board with Oliver POS Today!

Implementing this in your business means injecting flexibility and adaptability into your operations. It allows you to customize your offerings according to customer needs and trends, thus enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Pro #1: Enhances versatility and flexibility in business operations.
Pro #2: Allows customization according to customer needs.
Pro #3: Introduces advanced features like coupons and rewards for customer attraction.
Pro #4: Provides an opportunity to learn and implement new programming languages.
Pro #5: Offers professional support from the Oliver team during plugin development.

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