Storiad: Your One-Stop Book Buzz Builder!

storiad: your one stop book buzz builder!

Unleash Your Book’s Potential with Storiad

A One-Stop Shop for Authors to Showcase and Market Their Books

Gather all your literary creations—past, present, and those still in the cocoon of your imagination—into a single, streamlined repository. Storiad makes it a breeze to manage your entire book collection.

Effortlessly curate your works into distinct projects, enriching each with essential details, metadata, and promotional materials for seamless access at every stage of your book-selling voyage.

With all resources at your fingertips, maneuvering through the marketing maze becomes a walk in the park.

Organize and retrieve your books and marketing collateral with unparalleled ease.

Craft Tailor-Made Marketing Strategies with Ease

Elevate your promotional endeavors using the ingenious Marketing Plan Wizard. Let it guide you through crafting a bespoke campaign that resonates with audiences and maximizes conversions.

Simply input your target demographics, budgetary constraints, and timeline to unveil a marketing blueprint tailored just for you.

Leverage Storiad’s robust email integration to launch outreach campaigns directly from this dynamic platform.

Create an actionable marketing plan that brings results.

Instant Author Website at Your Fingertips

Design and debut an author website that captures attention in mere moments!

A Goldmine of Publicity Contacts Awaits You

Tap into an extensive network of industry contacts ready to boost your book’s visibility!

Celebrate the thrill of a successful book launch—it’s as delightful as savoring that last scoop of ice cream! With Storiad by your side, you’re equipped with an arsenal of tools including a vast contact database, intuitive website builder, strategic marketing planner, and streamlined outreach capabilities.

Pitch to the perfect audience. Elevate your book above the fray.

Secure lifetime access to Storiad now!

Implementing Storiad into Your Business Strategy

Incorporating Storiad into any author’s business model is straightforward. It serves as both a productivity enhancer and a marketing powerhouse. Authors can save time organizing their works while also gaining insights on how best to market them. By integrating these services into one platform, authors can focus more on what they do best—writing—and less on the technicalities of promotion.

  • Extensive Contact Database: Connect effortlessly with over 40K verified contacts in publishing and media circles.
  • Streamlined Book Management: Keep all your titles neatly organized in one digital hub.
  • Custom Marketing Plans: Generate personalized strategies using an interactive planning wizard.
  • Easy-to-Build Websites: Launch stunning author sites without wrestling with tech hurdles.
  • &✅ All-in-One Platform: From organization to execution – everything you need is within reach on Storiad’s platform.

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