Unlock LinkedIn’s Power: Discover the Wiza Magic 🧙‍♂️

Unlock LinkedIn's Potential: Unveil the Magic of Wiza 🧙🏻
unlock linkedin's power: discover the wiza magic 🧙‍♂️

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Ready to expand your B2B network on LinkedIn but don’t know where to start? Our comprehensive guide dives deep into using the Wiza browser extension to mine valuable email contact information from LinkedIn profiles. Whether you’re a LinkedIn power user or new to the game, this video will help you boost your outreach with sales navigation and efficient contact exports.

In this step-by-step tutorial, we show you how to:

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00:00 – Introduction to the video, brief explanation of Wiza and its potential.
00:59 – Initial setup and installation of Wiza.
01:52 – Using Wiza to reveal and save contact information from profiles.
02:47 – Exploring the bulk export feature of LinkedIn Sales Navigator with Wiza.
03:53 – Choosing the type of contact information you want to capture with Wiza.
04:49 – Initiating the scan for the chosen contact information.
05:45 – Introduction to the main dashboard of Wiza and a brief overview of its features.
06:41 – Integrating Wiza with other platforms like Zappier for automation.
07:38 – Setting up an automated email sequence for the new contacts.
08:38 – Exploring additional Wiza features like team members and managing credits.
09:00 – Concluding remarks and encouragement to try out Wiza.

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