Get Ready, Something Exciting is on the Horizon!

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get ready, something exciting is on the horizon!

Trolly: An AI-powered solution for generating and publishing SEO content at scale.

Step-by-step SEO content creation made easy with Trolly

Thanks to Trolly’s advanced AI, you can now generate well-researched article outlines for your content calendar by just typing in the topic and primary keywords.

You also have the freedom to determine the length of your articles, whether it’s a short 1,500 words piece or an in-depth 5,500 words article.

In addition, Trolly allows you to create articles in over 10 different languages , broadening your global reach without spending extra on translation services.

Create SEO-rich articles effortlessly using Trolly’s comprehensive instructions.

Bulk generation and scheduling made possible with Trolly

You can produce large quantities of content without straining your resources. Plus, easily schedule these bulk articles for publication, whether instant or spread out over time.

All generated articles are subjected to a grammar checker to assure high-quality output while reducing editing time.

Prior to going live with your content, you’ll be able to make any necessary adjustments using the built-in editor within the app.

Bulk content generation

Publish multiple articles daily thanks to bulk generation functionality.

All-in-one platform for managing your content inventory

Trolley provides a single platform where you can store all your generated content,, thus eliminating the need to scour through folders and emails. From this dashboard you can also track all your campaigns and evaluate their performance.

The platform even lets you add multiple team members into your account providing a seamless collaboration experience.

Easily manage all facets of your campaign right from the Trolley dashboard!

Say Goodbye To Manual Posting With Seamless Integrations Offered by Trolley!

No need for manual posting anymore! You can integrate< b >Trolley seamlessly with WordPress for direct publishing of contents.

The AI Content Generator is also compatible with various other applications via Zapier integration.

You can even use APIs for integrating Trolley’s AI-powered capabilities into your internal tools or apps.

Easily integrate Trolley into various platforms including websites and internal tools!

“With Artificial Intelligence at its core , creating high quality contents becomes second nature”

Trolley simplifies SEO Content Creation by providing bulk generation , integrated editing , document management etc , not forgetting about those Zapier integrations too!

Now , Secure more SEO rich contents today!

Why wait?Lifetime access to trolley awaits!

Implementing this service into business operations will streamline processes. For instance:

• It eliminates manual posting 🟢
• It ensures that all published contents are grammatically correct 🟢
• It helps in maintaining regularity in posting schedules 🟢
• It saves time spent on research as it generates researched outlines 🟢
• It makes collaboration among team members easier 🟢

Therefore investing in such services results in significant gains. The benefits not only include saving valuable time but also ensure that businesses maintain a consistent online presence which is vital in today’s digital age.

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